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2020 is a year that demands action. We have seen cooperators meet this moment of economic, health, and social crisis - prioritizing worker and community needs, standing in firm commitment to dismantling anti-Black systems, and making swift pivots to keep our businesses open.

At The Worker Co-op Conference, we will share what has worked and collectively build the foundation for a more resilient future. The pandemic has made it clear - the way we treat work and workers must change. The work of the future must provide workers a voice in the business. It must value front-line workers. It must actively build equitable paths toward wealth building.

The Virtual Worker Co-op Conference will be a space to look toward the new economy that we want to see. We will dig into the work of creating an equitable movement, led by Black people, women, immigrants, and essential workers. We will explore cooperative solutions to social and economic injustices, and how we can work tandem with social movements across the world, using worker ownership as a tool toward a more just economy.

Join owners, thinkers, organizers, and practitioners on September 10 and 11 join in the movement to build a more just economy through worker ownership.

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