COVID Protocols & Community Agreements

All attendees at the conference agree to follow the COVID Protocols and Community Agreements. The registration form requires each person to actively agree to both of these policies before submitting the form.

COVID Protocol

Masks are required at the Worker Co-op Conference

  • Speakers and performers may remove their masks while actively presenting.
  • There will be indoor eating. Access to outdoor space is limited.
  • Staff, volunteers, and session organizers will be asked to reinforce masking norms at the beginning of each session.
  • We ask that attendees wear N94 on N95 masks.
  • Masks will be made available at the conference site.
  • We encourage all attendees to get booster vaccines
  • We encourage attendees to test no more than 24 hours before attending, and to stay home if with a positive test result.
  • We encourage attendees to test 5 days after attending the conference, and notify conference organizers ( with a positive test result so that contact tracing is possible.
  • The conference venue has air cleaning/filtration to filter pollutants or contaminants.
  • We cannot guarantee that every person will be masked at all times, but measures will be taken to reinforce the masking requirement including verbal reminders and signage.

Why is masking required? 

The USFWC and DAWI have committed to centering the most vulnerable of our community. This is the largest gathering in our movement, with attendees traveling across the country and internationally, spending long days in close proximity. COVID-19 still poses a risk to all, especially those of us who are immunocompromised. We want the conference to be accessible to as much of our community as possible, and we want everyone to stay healthy and safe.


Community Agreements

To support each other in living within our cooperative and social justice values we offer these community agreements. These agreements are meant to orient our view of each other with good intentions and deepen our impact as leaders in economic justice.

  1. Keeping Each Other Safe & COVID Awareness: In the spirit of concern for others, I agree to be considerate in my actions and do my best to create a safe atmosphere for all conference attendees and comrades. I will adhere to USFWC’s established COVID protocols of wearing a KN95 mask when possible in an effort to keep all participants protected from the possible transmission of COVID. I will also make every attempt to utilize provided hand sanitizing stations and handwashing and I agree to notify event organizers if I test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days following the conference.
  2. Promoting Cooperative Principles: I will promote the cooperative principles and values to the best of my abilities. This includes sharing my perspective, fostering collaboration, celebrating diversity, and supporting both local and global communities. I am committed to recognizing the importance of economic and worker justice, and I will actively contribute to a sustainable future that prioritizes workers in underrecognized industries.
  3. Learning and Sharing: I approach this conference with an open mind, ready to exchange knowledge and experiences. I commit to being both a learner and a teacher, actively contributing to a collective space for mutual growth and investment by supporting and promoting conversations about an equitable future for all.
  4. Image Usage Consent: I acknowledge that my image may be captured in photos or videos during the conference. I grant consent for these images to be used on the conference website, social media platforms, or newsletters for promotional and informational purposes. If I do not wish to be photographed, I will follow the opt-out instructions that will be shared at registration at the conference.