Register for Worker Co-op Week

Join fellow worker-owners, thinkers, and practitioners from November 3rd to 5th to join in the movement to advance a just economic recovery through worker ownership and celebrate our shared prosperity.

Join us for the following Worker Co-op Week sessions, developed and presented by and for worker owners!

Sessions marked with a star (*) will be interpreted from English into Spanish.

You Don’t have to be a Starving Artist or a Sell Out

* Demystifying Open Book Management

* Worker Co-op Law & Tax Introduction and Exploration

* Taxation for Immigrant Workers and Tools for LLC Partner Income Accounting

* The Work of Analyzing and Shifting Power Dynamics in Cooperatives

The Offers & Needs Market

At Ella’s Table: The Joys & Pains of Black co-op developers

Recruiting and Retaining a Younger Workforce: A Case Study in Caregiving Co-ops

* State of the Sector

* Financial Accounting for Cooperatives: A Question & Answer Skill Building Session

Solidarity and Care Policies For Pandemic Times

Consent Decision-Making with Heart: Introduction to Sociocracy

Healing and Restorative Justice in Worker Cooperatives

Why Coops Need Ethical Technology and Webhosting